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Are All Tooth Extractions Complicated?

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
An elderly woman receiving a tooth extraction.
There are two types of tooth extractions that most oral surgeons see. One type of tooth extraction is surgical, while the other is simple. If your tooth is out and not impacted, it can be a simple procedure.

However, if your tooth is sideways, badly decayed, or not fully erupted, the extraction becomes surgical.

Not all tooth extractions take a long time to perform or require heavy levels of sedation. Having a tooth extracted doesn't have to be a miserable process.

What Goes into a Simple Extraction?

When you have a simple extraction, it means that your oral surgeon was able to go in, easily get to the tooth, and pull it from its socket. This often requires simple numbing through something like Novocain. The surgeon can go in with their tools and grab hold of the tooth. They rock the tooth a little bit, back and forth, and out the tooth comes.

For teeth that have problems with them, such as decay or a break in them, you may be in for a longer process. However, these can still be simple procedures. If a tooth is broken, sometimes your oral surgeon may have to pull your tooth out in a few different pieces. They can often tell if this is the case based on x-rays.

To find out if your tooth extraction would fall under simple or complicated terms, you need to ask your oral surgeon their opinion. They will look at x-rays of the area, and give you their best professional opinion.

By allowing them to look at your tooth and the problem, they can tell you what they believe the problem to be, and suggest the best treatment to help you get past the problem you are currently suffering from. Contact our office today, and find out how to treat the problem with your tooth.

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