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Yogurt Is a Great Food for Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 11/27/2017 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
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After having oral surgery, you will want to eat foods that provide the nutrition you need without causing any additional trauma to your soft tissues. Obviously, you will want to avoid crunchy and hard foods; but what kinds of food should you look for?

We have performed countless oral surgeries over the years, and in our experience one of the best foods you can eat is yogurt. Here's more information on this great food and why you should eat it after oral surgery.

Yogurt is Smooth and Creamy

You won't need to be concerned about injuring the surgery site when you eat yogurt. With a creamy consistency, this great food can be eaten without any significant chewing at all. Rather, you can just spoon it in and swallow without any effort.

The Cool Temperature Feels Great on Your Sore Tissues

Another great reason to eat yogurt after oral surgery is that it simply feels good. Your soft tissues will be slightly inflamed and you'll be experiencing some level of discomfort. Eating a food that is cold-such as jello, yogurt, and similar foods-will help soothe the tender areas.

Yogurt will be cool to the touch, and will help reduce swelling and discomfort. Plus, it contains all kinds of valuable nutrients, meaning it has the things your body will need during the healing and recovery process.

We are here to help you recover from your oral surgery. Although we take great care to perform our surgeries with a minimal amount of invasiveness, some trauma to the soft tissues in your mouth will be inevitable. By taking care to eat foods like yogurt, you can help avoid irritating the tissue and can even help speed your recovery from oral surgery.

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