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What Oral Surgeons Recommend You Do Before Getting Dental Implants

Posted on 3/23/2018 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Dental Implant Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group NY 10022Just like any other surgery, if you are scheduled to have dental implants, you want to ensure that you prepare yourself adequately for the procedure. You will need to know what to and not do before and after you have had dental implants.

The success of dental implants partly depends on whether or not you follow the instructions you are given by a dental surgeon. Here we discuss some things our oral surgeon will recommend you before you get dental implants.

Quit Smoking Prior to Having Dental Implant

Smoking increases the risk of having serious health conditions like chronic lung disease, heart disease, and oral cancer. If you are going to have a dental implant, it's important you quit smoking because tobacco can impair the healing process. After a dental implant surgery, smokers may have problems with white blood cell migration.

This contributes to poor healing of wound and there is a greater risk of having an infection if you smoke. We advise our patients to quit smoking before and after their dental implant procedure to prevent complications and speed up the healing process.

Don't Imbibe Prior to a Dental Implant

Just like smoking, if you use alcohol before and after having a dental implant procedure, it can affect the healing process. Habitual use of alcohol inhibits the development of bone and causes an increased risk of having an infection.

Refrain from taking alcohol at least one week before the procedure. Even a single night of drinking alcohol can hold up early inflammatory response or inhibit the closure of the wound.

You don't want to delay the healing of a dental implant because it is going to obstruct you from going back to your normal life. If you refrain from these behaviors, you will heal fast and avoid having complications. You can reach us to get more information on how to go about getting a dental implant.

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