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Who is Most at Risk for TMD?

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Who is Most at Risk for TMD?TMD is a condition that affects the jaw of many people. It causes different problems for the people who have this condition. It is not always easy to say why one person has TMD and another does not.

There are people who are at a higher risk for TMD. Knowing the risks can help people recognize the problem before it gets worse.

Risk Factors for TMD

There are some people who are more at risk for TMD. There are several risk factors associated with TMD. People that engage in certain activities, have certain conditions or have certain habits are more likely to experience problems because of TMD.

•  Trauma - Anyone that has had injuries to the face or jaw may have an increased chance of developing TMD.
•  Bad Bite - If a person has a bite that is not aligned properly, they could put stress on their jaw and end up with TMD.
•  Teeth Grinding - Bruxism or teeth grinding is one of the causes for TMD.
•  Arthritis - This affects different parts of the body and for some it may affect the jaw and facial area and cause TMD.
•  Posture - Anyone that has bad posture is putting themselves at risk for TMD. The posture stresses the spine and also the joints and muscles of the face.
•  Deformities - If the jaw is deformed it could stress the joints and muscles associated with TMD.
•  Women -Women are more likely to develop TMD than men are.

Like any medical condition, the risk factors do not guarantee a person will develop TMD. They mean a person has a higher chance of developing the condition. A person that has one or more of these risk factors needs to learn the signs of TMD and what they should do if they notice any of the early warning signs. Many of the risk factors are treatable. It is possible to remove the risk factor before developing TMD.

For more information about TMD and to help you know if you are at risk, contact the professionals at our office and schedule an appointment.

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