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Oral Surgery Recovery Includes Watching for Infection Signs

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Oral Surgery Recovery Includes Watching for Infection SignsHaving any type of oral surgery is never fun. While some surgeries are fairly minor and don't have a long recovery time, some can leave you laid up for several days or a week.

To make things worse, if you get an infection, you're going to have even more pain and a longer recovery time. That's what it's vital that you know what the signs of infection are and that you call us as soon as you notice any of them.

Signs of Infection

There are a number of different signs that can indicate your surgical site has become infected. The first is pain. While some pain is to be expected as you recover, that pain should fade over time. You'll also have instructions on what type of pain medication to take, and in some cases, we may prescribe some pain medication. If that medication doesn't control the pain, you may have an infection. Having a fever that won't go away no matter what you take is another sign of infection.

Another sign is inflammation and swelling. Your face, gums, or jaw shouldn't continue to swell, and any swelling should go down fairly quickly after the procedure. Be aware of any signs of pus or redness around the surgical area. That and any excessive bleeding that lasts for 24 hours or more is not normal. You shouldn't have any trouble opening your mouth, either.

Some pain, swelling, and even some bleeding is normal after surgery. This is especially true if you try eating hard foods too quickly or if you brush your teeth too hard a few days after surgery.

If you have any difficulty swallowing or breathing, are in extreme pain, or have any symptoms that are alarming or lead to an emergency situation, you need to contact us right away. That's not normal and can indicate an infection or other problem.

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