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Early Signs of Jaw Resorption

Posted on 1/10/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Early Signs of Jaw ResorptionHave you ever heard of jaw resorption? It sounds very serious, and it is. It can lead to changes in your jaw and eventually, your face. Keep reading for more information about what jaw resorption is, and how you can work to prevent it.

What Is Jaw Resorption?

You may think your jaw is made of solid, stable bone. However, your bones are changing all the time. Some parts of your body are building up their bones, while other parts of your body are breaking bones down. This whole process is called bone remodeling.

When you lose a tooth, you are signaling your jawbone that bone material is not needed there. That's because every time you chew or speak, your bone gets signals from your nervous system that it is still needed. If your jawbone thinks you don't need your jawbone, it will begin to remove that part of your jawbone.

Signs of Jaw Resorption

One of the earliest signs that you may have jaw resorption is the shrinking of gum tissue around the missing tooth or missing teeth. If you have noticed that your gums are shrinking, this may be a sign your jawbone in that area is being resorbed. Also, you might notice that when you are chewing, you hear a clicking noise.

You may also have some pain when you are opening or closing your jaw, or when you bite down on something hard. You might not be able to open or close your jaw the way you used to either. You may notice that your chin is also not as prominent as it normally is as well.

If you are concerned with your jawbone, and you are worried that it may be undergoing jaw resorption, contact us. We can assess your jawbone, and we can talk to you about the ways we can work together to prevent jaw resorption.
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