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How Are Broken Jaws Treated?

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
How Are Broken Jaws Treated?You have probably broken at least one bone in your body, right? Most of us have at least broken one bone by the time they reach middle age. If you break your arm or your finger, that is easily set and will quickly mend.

However, there are some bones that are more difficult to treat when they fracture. If you break your jaw, you need to know how it is going to be treated. Keep reading for more information on treating broken jaws.

Broken Jaws

Researchers say that the third most common type of fracture in the face is a broken jaw. You have two bones in your jaw: the upper jaw (maxillary) and the lower jaw (mandible). The lower jaw is responsible for a lot of the mouth's jobs. It opens and closes the mouth, and also is the reason you are able to chew food.

Most of the time when you break your jaw, it is due to physical trauma. People fracture their jaws in a car accident. You might also get a broken jaw from playing contact sports such as soccer, football or hockey. People also receive broken jaws from a physical altercation, when they receive a punch to the jaw. Believe it or not, people can also receive a broken jaw if they stumble and fall and can't break their fall with their hands.

Treatment for a Broken Jaw

The first thing we will do if you have a broken jaw is to make sure that you are not bleeding heavily and also that you are able to breathe. If you have a complicated break, especially if your bone is not in place, you may need surgery. However, many broken jaws can heal with support without surgery.

If you have a small break or fracture, we can bandage your chin and your head to prevent your jaw from opening widely. If the break is more serious, you may have to have your jaw wired shut, so that the break can heal. If that happens, you will have to be on a liquid diet while your fracture heals.

If you have questions about the treatment of a broken jaw, contact us. We love to answer questions about sore jaws.
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