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Ways of Easing Graft Pain with Heat and Ice

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Ways of Easing Graft Pain with Heat and IceReceiving a graft can be one of the most beneficial means of preparing your jaw for implants or helping to build up the bone when it has been subjected to moderate to severe degeneration.

It is very useful to have the ability to get a graft, which can help maintain your facial structure, even as toothlessness may threaten the structure of your jaw. It may not feel very good afterwards, however, as healing can take time, which is why there are some excellent methods of helping to alleviate the pain in your mouth without having to resort to medication.

How Heat Can Help Your Smile

Using a warm compress can do wonders for any pain you may have in your mouth. As a general rule, heat works great for soothing muscle spasms or healing damaged tissues. There are two types of heat therapy that could help you. Dry heat can be applied through the use of a heating pad or even sitting in an intense sauna. Moist heat comes from the therapeutic usage of steamed cloths or hot baths. You may also consider professional heat treatment as well.

How Ice Can Help Your Smile

There are many ways to soothe your discomfort through the use of reduced temperatures. Ice packs are the first option many consider, but there are also coolant sprays available, as well. The use of a gel pack or even keeping a frozen sponge in the freezer for your needs could be very useful in helping to reduce the level of pain you are experiencing after your procedure.

Make sure that you are careful, however, because sometimes heat may work better in some instances, whereas ice might be much better at easing discomfort. Call our office after your treatment and we can help you decide whether ice or heat would be better suited to your needs.
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