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Yogurt Is A Great Food Option Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Yogurt Is A Great Food Option Following Oral SurgeryWhether you are healing from dental surgery or simply craving a snack, yogurt always comes in handy all year round. For us in the dental surgery world, however, yogurt comes personally recommended for post-op recovery.

Yogurt Is Soft and Does Not Always Need Chewing

Immediately following dental surgery, the last thing you should consider taking is something that would require you to chew. We recommend that for the first 4 days, you stick to soft foods that require minimal to no jaw activity. On both accounts, yogurt fits perfectly.

Yogurt Is Filled With Calcium And Minerals Ideal For Healing

Regardless of the brand of yogurt you take, all types of yogurt are filled with calcium at a time when your body needs it the most. Calcium is good for strong bones and teeth. If you are therefore looking to grow strong teeth or simply reinforce their power, yogurt is your best option. The minerals in yogurt also serve as immunity boosters to quicken the process of healing and recovery.

Yogurt May Work As An Anesthetic

A glass or bowl of cold yogurt can work to numb the teeth and reduce your pain post operatively. The cooler the yogurt, the better. In instances when you don't have access to ice packs, cool yogurt can help do just the trick!

Yogurt Is Filling

No one who is recovering from oral surgery wants to feel hungry when they cannot chew. As such, yogurt comes in handy to give the nutrition while giving the feeling of satiety.

Yogurt Is Easy to Clean After

Since brushing of the teeth is prohibited after a major surgical procedure, foods that are simple to clean after should be taken. Yogurt passes this test on both accounts. Being acidic prevents the growth of bacteria inside your mouth and it does not stick to surgical areas hence reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. For extra tips on how yogurt can help, give us a call.
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