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Benefits of Getting A Custom Mouth Guard

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Benefits of Getting A Custom Mouth GuardThe concept of mouth guards has long been left to professional athletes and league players. It is believed, after all, that a bat injury during little league can cause significant harm. However, many do not know that dental injuries during school sports remain a significant percentage to the overall number of sports related injuries.

Mouth guards are dental protective gear, much like helmets and gloves are to heads and hands. They serve to absorb impact to the oral cavity, reducing the effect of blows and falls alike. Mouth guards are also made in such a way that they separate the upper and lower teeth ensuring that impact does not grind them on each other. The more protection you can provide the teeth now, the less likely you are to struggle with an injury later.

Should You Get a Mouth Guard Off the Shelf?

The concept of one-shoe-does-not-fit all applies very much in this scenario. First and foremost, no two oral cavities are the same. Second, children and adults have different sizes of jaws and teeth. As such, there would be need for a separate size yet still similar mouth guards. This is why should not opt to pick a mouth guard off the shelf.

The best mouth guard for you should be one that has been custom made for your mouth.
Our oral surgeons will make a mouth guard that fits the size of your oral cavity as well as the contours and shape of your specific teeth. If you do have dentures and or braces, the mouth guard mold is made in such a way that covers them, ensuring comfort during wear.

A custom-made mouth guard will also serve to ensure that whatever impact is made along the jaw is not propagated through to the brain, causing a concussion. Protect yourself or your loved one. Get a custom-made mouth guard from us today.
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