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Things to Know if You Are About to Have Reconstruction Surgery for Your Jaw

Posted on 4/10/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Things to Know if You Are About to Have Reconstruction Surgery for Your Jaw Getting any type of surgery is scary. You may understand the need for the surgery, but that does not stop you from wondering if it is worth it. The best way to get over the nerves associated with a surgery is through information. The more you know about what to expect before, during and after the surgery, the easier it is to go through with it. In the case of reconstruction surgery for the jaw, these are some of the things you should know.

Why Get Reconstructive Surgery

There are several reasons to get reconstructive surgery. Many people think that reconstructive surgery is most often needed due to some type of trauma. While reconstructive surgery after trauma does happen, it is not the most common reason for the surgery. Reconstructive surgery is more common to fix issues that occur from abnormal growth of the jaw or conditions that are inherited or that occur naturally. Reconstructive surgery can help correct conditions that occur over time. Some of the common reasons for reconstructive surgery include correcting problems with biting, chewing or talking. It can also help correct pain associated with TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. Gummy smiles and excessive wearing down of the teeth are also reasons for reconstructive surgery. The goal of reconstructive surgery is to repair the problems that you have.

What to Expect

Reconstructive surgery can occur in different places depending on the type of surgery. It is done as both in-patient and out-patient procedures. There are a variety of types of sedation available for the procedures from a light sedation to a sedation that puts you to sleep. After the surgery, you can expect a variety of different symptoms. Swelling and inflammation are common. Some pain and discomfort can also occur. You may have limitations to your diet and to your daily routine. The amount of time for the recovery depends on the type of procedure. When it comes to reconstructive surgery, contact our office to schedule an appointment to talk to us about all your questions and concerns.
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