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Do All Overbites Need Treatment?
Posted on 5/15/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Do All Overbites Need Treatment?
An overbite is basically a malocclusion that usually happens when the upper and lower teeth aren't aligned and therefore causing the upper front teeth to cover those at the bottom. Most people think that orthodontic treatment for this problem is usually just for aesthetic purposes. However, the truth is that having an overbite can affect your oral life in many different ways apart from your looks. It's important to recognize that not all overbites are the same. Some overbites can be left unchecked and not have any serious repercussions because they are simply not as extensive. However, there are times when overbites do need to be treated.

Tooth Damage

When the jaw is misaligned, teeth often clash together, even when at rest. Over time, it causes tooth fractures, enamel wear and even loss of teeth. In such an instance, it's prudent to get treatment for the overbite so that the teeth can remain healthy.

Gum Damage

In some overbites, the lower front teeth stray so much so that they come into contact with the gum line behind the upper front teeth. When these teeth frequently strike the gum line, it starts receding slowly. Over time, the health of the gums get compromised leading to tooth loss, gum disease and infections. In such a case, one of the solutions would be to treat the overbite.

Problems Chewing and Speaking

When teeth are misaligned, it can make speech difficult. This means that people with overbites will often overcompensate to articulate some words or have speech impediments all together. When you have overbites, chewing can also become a problem. Therefore, you will end up not eating the things you love. When the overbite is fixed, then these problems go away with time.
While the less severe overbites are largely harmless, there are those that severely affect someone's quality of life. In such situations, we are in a unique position to help you gain that beautiful smile back and restore your oral health.
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