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What Goes into Crown Lengthening?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
What Goes into Crown Lengthening?Crown Lengthening is a dental procedure that helps to achieve a more attractive smile, by reducing gingival display. The gingival display is commonly known as a 'gummy smile'. When someone has a gummy smile, it can appear that they have short teeth when they have normal size teeth but with excess gum tissue. The excess gum tissue, then covers up part of the tooth surface, to create a smaller appearance.

What Goes Into Crown Lengthening?

Patients can either ask for Crown Lengthening or they can be recommended as part of their restorative treatment. It can achieve a more attractive smile for those who are self-conscious about their excess gum tissue or to help save any teeth that have sustained an injury or decay. Crown Lengthening can be part of the process of getting a bridge fitted, where more of the tooth surface needs to be exposed to aid in achieving better results.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

Crown Lengthening involves removing the excess soft tissue and occasionally bone tissue. By doing this, we achieve an increase in the amount of tooth that is visible. We can perform this on one tooth or the entire gum line depending on why it's required.

Our team can perform Crown Lengthening to address a patient's cosmetic worries or to expose more of the tooth surface to restore any fractured or broken teeth.

Before we go ahead with the procedure, we will require our patients to attend a pre-operative appointment. During this, we will plan for where the new gum line will be to achieve the patient's desired look or what is necessary for restorative work. We will also make assessments on teeth, gum, and the surrounding structures to ensure we are selecting the right surgical technique.

Crown Lengthening Techniques

There are 3 different techniques for Crown Lengthening, and we will determine during our patient's pre-operative appointment which technique is suitable.

Gingivectomy involves the use of either a scalpel, laser, or electrocautery to remove the excess gum tissue. Patients will receive local anesthesia for this procedure.

Apically Repositioned Flap Surgery involves making an incision into the gums to create a flap. We will then lift the flap to help us remove the gum tissue, and bone tissue if required. The flap will then be repositioned towards the root of the tooth.

Surgical Extrusion involves moving the desired tooth into its new location on the gumline. This is often done when the patient's tooth has been fractured beneath the gum line.

While every patient heals differently, you should expect some minor swelling and bleeding during the first few days. You should also consume soft foods and rinse your mouth after meals to keep the surgical site clean. If you are considering Crown Lengthening, contact our office to see how we can help with the procedure.
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