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Jaw Problems Related to Ringing in the Ears

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Jaw Problems Related to Ringing in the EarsRinging in the ears, which is called tinnitus, is a minor annoyance at best and completely debilitating at its worst. Over fifty million American suffer from tinnitus which is a condition where the patient hears an intermittent or permanent tone. It could sound like a specific pitch or a whistling sound. Most ignore it until the symptoms become too much to bear.

There are new advances in both technology and treatment options to address the issues. As with most medical problems early treatment offers the best chances of a positive outcome.

Is TMJ Causing Your Tinnitus?

It might seem strange to think of a jaw disorder causing the ringing in your ears but it is entirely possible. The temporomandibular joint is the joint which joins the jaw to the rest of the skull. It is a hinge which allows patients to chew, smile and speak. When this area has difficulty from wear, arthritis, injury or grinding of teeth, it can be felt in the face and, at times, the ear.

A simple way to see if TMJ issues might be aggravating the tinnitus in your ear is to open your mouth. If there are changes in the sound you hear then it is likely not a problem with the inner ear but rather the TMJ. If this is the case the patient could get a mouthguard, one store-bought or custom made, to help diminish the TMJ symptoms. When these symptoms decrease so will the tinnitus symptoms.

Nearly 50% of all who have TMJ problems report ringing in their ears as a symptom. The good news is almost 90% of them were able to reduce the tinnitus with treatment.

If you are worried about tinnitus or TMJ problems, you know we are always here to answer your questions and talk about treatment options.
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