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Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is commonly performed in preparation for the placement of orthodontics, this procedure will help correct severe misalignments. At Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group we can make the preparations needed to then get the orthodontic work needed. This surgical prep is also referred to as orthognathic surgery. If you have been referred to our oral surgeons, Dr. Del Valle and Dr. Shahgoli for further examination of your alignment, we will evaluate the patient and make recommendations based on your situation.

What is orthognathic surgery?

The need for surgical orthodontics is to set jaws that are severely misaligned, and would not be able to line up correctly with orthodontics alone. We can help the patient achieve a proper bite. Orthognathic surgery is the initial step to allow the jaw to be properly aligned with the use of orthodontic braces to move the teeth into their proper position.

Orthognathic surgery is recommended for patients who suffer from bad bites, this may be due to jaw bone abnormalities or malocclusion, which is a misalignment of your jaw. Misaligned teeth can occur for a number of reasons including extra teeth, the jaw not being large enough to accommodate teeth, a severe jaw injury, or even from childhood habits, such as thumb sucking or the use of a pacifier after the age of 3. The most common cause of misalignment develops from the jaw being too small compared to the size of the patient’s teeth.

In order for Dr. Del Valle and Dr. Shahgoli to perform orthognathic surgery, it is best that the jaw is done growing, this generally happens by age 16 in females and 18 in males. Orthognathic surgery is often performed in a hospital and can take several hours to complete depending on each individual case. Healing from your procedure will take time, we often recommend resting the jaw for about two week post surgery. In many cases, patients find that they need to schedule time off of work and school during the healing process. After appropriate healing, your orthodontist will place braces to fine tune your bite.

Do I need orthognathic surgery?

In most cases, our patients are referred to us by your orthodontist. Once referred, we will examine the situation and help you determine if surgery is needed as part of your treatment. We will review the severity of your case and the alignment of your jaw, allowing you to decide if surgery is or is not needed.

Why do I want to correct my bite?

There are several reasons to correct your bite, some medical, some aesthetic. Patients with poorly aligned teeth can have TMJ problems, limited opening and closing of their mouth, limited chewing, and pain. Patients may also find that their smile is not as beautiful as it can be. They made have reduced confidence in smiling, we can help.

Our surgeons, Antonio Del Valle, DMD, MD and Shahin Shahgoli, DDS, provide treatments, including orthognathic surgery, in an environment that places your safety first. Our office uses the latest in modern equipment, and have a trained staff who are experienced in anesthesia techniques. For more information, contact our front office staff at: (212) 245-5801
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